Our Story

Two artists from Hong Kong.


Eunice (@eunilism) and Jan (@jannahphotography) are sisters & they founded AVO in 2019. It was firstly an idea of sharing artistic statements that brings them the good vibe, a pure pleasure. β€Žβ€Žβ€Žβ€Žβ€Ž


β€œIt was not about the product but the connection between the admirers." Realizing their profession in illustration & photography, they took the concept a step further, they have created this platform to exchange cultural insights in a fashionable way."


AVO is a story that we are trying to tell; a turning point. By encourage the people around us, if not to change their daily boring work direction, but to give us a chance to reconnect with the things we are passionate about. β€Ž

Our Vision

Beauty is within the air; We aim to gather a group of AVO-cates (the way to call our brand lovers, our customers) to share this moment together. Our artefacts are from all around the world. It’s is our aim to break the boundaries and showcase as many beautiful things (by different eyes) as we can.Β 


We inspire confidence and beauty through affordable accessories. What's your? #avocateslook

Love, Romance & Loyalty

We sell Love.
We sell Romance.
We sell Vintage.
We sell Elegant.
We sell Adventure.
We sell Loyalty.

Fragile but Beautiful

We sell the most precious, the most fragile, the most beautiful things in this world

Beauty of Joy

We sell beautiful things because we want to share the joy of beauty. It's just like antiquates, arts, time, they are meant to be revealed.

" You might not have enough time to create daily looks that speak for yourself. So, we look for affordable accessories from different sources & help you find that little piece that changes your entire personal style. It's not necessary to show your personal style by changing your whole lookβ€” all you need is one interesting piece that you can incorporate into your ordinary look.Β " β€Ž